Capital - Part 3

Capital - Part 3 The problems with our current system are felt by a growing majority and are increasing in both breadth and severity. Not only is this majority growing in the United States, but because of how money is currently defined chaos in foreign developing economies becomes profitable. Part of the reason we see the push for the injection of democracy into developing nations is to allow their economies to be susceptible to the same level of control through market forces seen in developed nations and exercised by the leaders of the mercantile branch of global government. At this point it is helpful to understand the classical definition of money. Aristotle defined money as having four k

Capital - Part 2

Capital - Part 2 A set of underlying tendencies of our governments cause many of the common issues seen today and throughout our history. The systems all seem sound in theory, but due to nepotism and loss or permutation of meaning in the laws governing life the system changes with the mentalities of those in leadership. There are multiple layers of leadership which consist of: Military, Judicial, Legislative And the Mercantile The effect of the last level of leadership is often overlooked or under-appreciated, while the nepotism and self-serving behaviors seen therein determine the direction of the entire system and the quality of life of its citizens. This combination of an under-regulated

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