Iris - 3

Quickly taking Pan's bike, Iris decided he didn't want to crawl around on his twisted bike. His scratched up BMX bike had been through a lot, sky blue and black highlighted ride. The pegs had been taken off until he could go repair or switch out his well-worn twisted tire. He would be doing no more tricks anytime soon, plus this was a morning ride to relax anyway. Hebe's was a jet black and candy red mountain bike she used for running errands and getting around town. Atlas had a hybrid, the union of a road and race bike, with the largest frame of all the bikes before him. He had been working on it for weeks. When he got it the frame would flex over speedbumps, gears wouldn't shift smoothly,

Iris - 2

Lazily waking up, Iris drew in a deep breath and lightly played his face like a bongo to shock him into reality. Slowly rising and rubbing his eyes to clear the remnants of the last night’s dream, he wondered what today had in store. Sitting on the edge of the bed holding his face in his hands he listened to the house groan. The radiator sputtered heat into the still chilled room. The windows creak holding back the morning breeze. He stood to go to the bathroom and wash up. The floor flexed and squeaked under his growing frame. Briefly he glanced at the picture above their desk at the framed picture of J, his sisters, and his slightly younger self outside their newly renovated home. Stretc

Iris - 1

A brisk morning in Harmony USA. The willow outside the home was dancing in the breeze of the new day. Set in the middle of the courtyard the tree had nowhere to grow, but up. Still it forced its way out. Cracks lining the asphalt walkway told the story of adventurous roots below, sawed off branches as wide as lumberjacks were portals to the stories of growth subdued, and pits in the broad base of the willow invoked memories of blight subdued. The home was that of a young boy named Iris. Born in Jamaica, Iris came to Harmony in his youth. The foster home he lived in was run by a bubbly woman named Jasmine, but the kids all called her J. Time had treated J well but life was not as fair. Leav

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