Conscious Kindling

Models of Consciousness The modern world highlights being constantly on the move. The circumstances that got us to this point are broad and can seem low probability at a distance but the cycles that compose our society make reaching this kind of moment in history more of an eventuality. Social norms move us one way and technology moves us another way. The effect the two have on each other is strong. As we have been able to connect more the number of things we need to be actively aware of has expanded greatly. Newspapers, radio, news shows, news websites, RSS feeds, and increasingly dense forms of gaining quick information about topics of interest in high volume continue to innervate our live

Ideal and Natural Self

Consumption Modes The modern world is abuzz with new findings, stories, dishes, clothing, vehicles, and plans for the future. Most importantly it is how we relate to all of these that shape the way we move through society. You are what you eat; a timeless saying that can be taken many ways. Today the options for actual physically nutritional food are varied and widely available in many places. On the basic level we eat to survive and keep our bodies going. The same can be extended to our minds. We have come to rely on entertainment to excite within us the adventures that found us naturally exploring the world daily. The growth of leisure time created an increased need for reflective works th

Growth Therapy

Broken Eyes More unequal societies face greater depression and crime rates in general. We see a number of studies and examples that explore this aspect of our societies. The reasons vary but the general axiom for communities reducing the disparities to foster more harmonies societies remains. From lower life satisfaction and higher rates of depression to less trust for neighbors who flaunt their success during our times of struggle, the effects of inequality are far reaching in how we move through our neighborhoods. The crime rates have been falling in general as technology has increased the scope of what can be seen and the infrastructure for reporting situations and disruptions. The root p

Tired Generations

Information Saturation The digital age has been marked by rapidly increasing abundance of information in all aspects of our lives. We see people sharing more and more about what they are doing, where, why, how, and with who. The reasons vary but the volume overall has been going upwards for some time. More and more devices in our lives are also sharing updates on what they are doing, statuses, and general feedback as well. The infrastructure for the modern information network has rapidly expanded as well. Our ability to keep up, however, has not been able to follow as readily. We are left with questions of what is to come as this trend continues. The advent of Internet of Things ( IoT ) mean

Robotic Expansion

3D - Distributed, Decentralized, and Dynamic The future of computing evolves continuously towards more stable and robust systems that many users can interact with simultaneously. Storage prices have continued to fall over the past decade and new advances in the methods, materials, and logistics behind how these solutions are delivered makes them accessible to more and more people. Design mentalities for things in their early phases but being seen today such as the Internet of Things (IoT), automated personal devices for homes, and personal devices in general are becoming more focused on handling high numbers of users in secure and intuitive ways. There are labs at research universities that

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