Thought Rule

Thought Flow Thoughts rule us. How we contact, interact, and hold them can be like conflict or flow but on some level we are all guided by thoughts. The shape of our interactions with others is distinct based on how we connect what we know inside with what is experienced as we move through the various environments. The work we do is individual within and consists of finding how we want to be seen and received. The tone and kind of speech we experience in mind is based on who we feel we are. A question to wonder would be if the tone, flow, and focus of the conversation within were to change over time whether or not it would feel the same or the shifting would be perceptible. We identify our h

Poor Rule

Borders There are a number of detailed forms of rulership based on who we envision should hold those roles given the demands of leadership. The focus is often on the elites guiding decisions to best culture the results that help society, within the lines drawn, flourish. The systems all fall for various reasons as conflicts between those in different lines press ethical dilemmas and power struggles. The focus of which governance form to take is a closed system question as it is seen by the systems today. Yet we should expand this focus to what unites all of the systems regardless of race, culture, history, or leanings. There are some governance forms that already include broad solutions base

Anarchism - Self Governance

Social Strains Governments across the world are deep in conflict for stability and supremacy. There are dozens of types of governments focused on specific kinds of needs and constraints of a people. The economic, intellectual, environmental, and similar pressing constraints on a society affect the forms the government takes. Pressing social needs and stressors come from both inside and outside communities. Clashing ideologies, levels of comfort with each other, and concepts varies the distances to decisions and resolutions. There are a number of long standing monarchies or centralized forms of government that are around today working through the same questions through a less socially distrib

Mentoring - inspiration

Spark The flash that sets an idea in motion comes of its own choosing. The fodder that feeds it and the flint from which it jumps are all preparations we can make. The wayward path ideas take to form in us is one the requires general support. The people we point to as being the most creative are often at the extremes of creative action being constantly plunged in the labor they love or locked in periods of procrastination. Both provide food for the spark. The moment that acts as the flint struck to ignite action takes practice to refine and know. Constant practice, necessary to excel, sharpens the tools in hand and explores the possible within the active mind. Procrastination throws the burd

Creativity - play

Improve A key part of creativity is experimentation and practice with others. Playing brings us that opportunity and helps better understand what we are good at and practice what can be further improved. We often run into mental roadblocks while trying to be creative on-demand. The ideas freeze up when they are feel most needed or when there are recognized high stakes and deadlines. A few tips to quickly to get the mind going and reduce the mental sticking include doodling, playing with toys, and doing improvisation or role playing with someone nearby. Getting active and physically moving to help the brain get more active is the goal. All of the activities above help do that but also shift t

Mentoring - growth goals

Collaborative Vision A mentor is able to point out challenges to come that they have seen or expect based on their experience as well as guide in the selection of goals. Having mentors and role models in your area of interest can save time navigating relationships, technologies, resource management strategies, and learning the nuance of a craft. Building the vision together is an act of molding. The possibilities seen in the eager mind are extensive and can be hindered if too aggressively corralled by the more experienced in the field. Practice with action and review can create a fluid and constructive give and take allowing the boundless new possibilities to be explored with the foundations

Creativity - exposure

Creation draws on the known and translates through experience to share something from within. Starting with foundations of what has been seen, extending through the tried, and summed in practice creative potential grows with effort and exposure. Becoming more creative can be improved. The topics we expose ourselves to opens our minds to what is possible and extends the well of ideas from which we draw consciously and subconsciously for inspiration. The modern connected world is centered on exposure and saturation of the mind. The purpose seen driving that exposure today is largely the needs of economies but much is included in those systemic drivers. Working as an individual to improve and e

Mentoring - communication

Role Models Martin Luther King Jr Day, or MLK Day, is an American federal holiday. A day filled with service and reflection in recognition of the work done and path laid towards equity that Dr. King did throughout his life. Signed into law in 1983 the day of appreciation was recognized officially by all 50 states in the year 2000. The model set by Dr. King rings clear in the hearts that carry on the morals, method, and ethic of work today. The individuals that bring messages of change that stick with us help us find our own voice in the sea of noise. January is National Mentoring Month. Days are filled with staying busy and reflecting on the people helping us make that path ahead saves stres


Fantasies Realized High energy creatures excite feelings deep within us. Power and mystery mix to make us come alive inside with the majestic unseen. Trolls, unicorns, werewolves, ghouls, and fairies are among the many creatures that have filled tales told for generations. Stories peppered with danger and conquest meant to goad youth to act cautiously for the fear of the unknown lurking in the shadows. Dragons top the mythical creatures list in depictions across the world today. Embodying fire and associated with the dynamic, powerful, indomitable, and destructive. The progress seen around the world has allowed great strides to be taken in bringing increasing numbers of creatures into our da


Scope Consciousness is only borne. The steps that get us there vary when observed but follow a specific progression. Understanding how the world as we see it relates to the world as it is has been deemed the hard problem of consciousness. Everything that is understood and replicable is borne by the hands that brought it into being. When we connect pieces that show themselves it can feel as though we are arriving at revelations separate from our experiences or the happenings around us. What we witness and feel is lived through with reason. Deference is not natural but an externalization process. The concepts that make complex interactions possible in human society today would seem identical t


Growing Frame Your frame gives you strength. The bones in the body anchor muscles and tissue throughout as the scaffold for everything that makes up the body. Life is the picture and the skeleton is the frame. Our bones make up 40 percent of the total weight of the body. People start off with many more at birth than remain at death, going from close to 300 bones at birth to 206 by adulthood. What does it say that as our bodies expand the frame holding us consolidates? It is as though we are a puzzle in youth and find form once all the pieces have had time to bond. Bones throughout the body are constantly being remade and renewed. Solid Human bones are nearly 5 times stronger than steel when


Balanced Forces The ability to move the world around you dictates whether or not you will be able to stay in it safely. The absence of masses agreeing to explicit laws of order changes the social dynamics at work. Muscles move us through the world. When most think of strength it is often the ferocity with which power is held that makes the example stick. Two traits of muscles of among the many of note are that they come in pairs and they only pull. The complex movements we see throughout the natural world and among athletes come only from coordinated contractions. The intricacy of the muscular makeup of people is a delicate symmetry with over 600 muscles in the body all organized as pairs an


Connection The pumping lump of love flowing energy through our veins gives us strength and grounding from our earliest moments. The heart starts to beat audibly around two months into a human pregnancy. From the first heart beat to birth the early heart beats about 54 million times; during an 80 year lifespan the heart beats over 3.2 billion times. Varying methods of calculation place the average power per heartbeat at around 2W ( 2 watts ); knowing this, over a lifetime the human heart produces between 2 and 3 billion joules of work. A lightning strike for comparison can reach into the terawatts range of power, but is about one gigawatt and some say 1.21 gigawatts ( or one gigajoule per sec

control ( ler )

Classical Thoughts on Control The ability to influence is general definition of control. As an action word control also means to take into account when performing analysis. The acquisition of control has been a climb. When any amount has been gained the goal is often to hold it and share with those that support you. Having a sense of influence dramatically changes how people approach tasks and situations. The power in feeling you are moving a decision makes activities all the more engaging. Being able to influence the world as we see it is a tenet of survival. The way nature goes about influence is a mystery spread across vast distances and time. We see animals carry nothing with them, rest

Thinking Mass

Minds' Eye Thought is fascinating. There are so many parts of experience that are mysteries only recently presenting themselves. As we find a clue to known questions about the mind we bump into three new questions that bolster curiosity and implore exploration. We are in the age of the mind with tools enabling us to dive into concepts with reduced need to further slice into flesh. When you think to yourself the dance that plays out can feel like gentle destiny. We are always follow to our thoughts' lead and their might be deeper reasons as to why this is the case. The forms of thought seen and named in people today are extensive and illuminating. The kinds of thinking we engage in combine th


Self Knowledge We search within to act. The varied ways we base values and identity on our memories are actively being explored by professionals the world over. Marketing, self improvement, leisure, and conflict are constants in life today. Be it marketing self for jobs or products for work, productive use of leisure time for things like self improvement through reflection on habits and ways shown to get closer to reaching the goals selected as important, or the mental digestion after a conflict occurs unexpectedly in a single instance or drawn out over the duration of a more complicated relationship. How we connect the ideas about self to the history we create in the present is itself a men


Tools Do thumbs count as tools? Is the body a tool for the mind? Are tools always tangible? There scramble to figure out the history and evolution of the built world continues. The border between the environment and ourselves has grown deeper with the ages. Understanding materials and external concepts of need and usefulness have allowed the development of tools in human society. The early use of tools has only been seen widely within human groups. The ability to understand that something done regularly can be made easier than the way it was learned is a process that takes a different form of thinking than the basic alleviation of need seen throughout the animal kingdom. In general, " concep


Mind Life is many things. The experience at the core is practice in being. The collection of thoughts, emotions, memories, abstractions, actions in space, and mental moves are parts comprising what we consider the mind. When we read silently to ourselves, ruminate on exciting concepts, talk with others in person or online, and connect in general we can feel our minds flex to form the ideas that fit. We become what we practice and connecting thoughts to experience within the mind is something we do moment to moment. When we work to extend our experience of the world and values for expressing intelligence we have been hard pressed to find the same forms in the other denizens of our planet. The


Skylight Life needs a few things to start and various others to continue. The list as we think about it today for organic life would include water, temperature, nitrogen, an absence of things that would kill life, and sunlight. Being in a habitable range from the solar system's star gives the right temperature, atmosphere provides the resources needed for movement, not having things like radiation or constant asteroid strikes allows for life to continue, and sunshine is a key source of energy needed for all organic processes. Over the timelines which form planets as earth has been formed we would expect many different paths. The things we do not yet understand or perceive about how life exis


Refreshed Sleep is universal for animals. The need to rest shapes how we plan our days, search for food, and connect with others and ourselves. The use and timing of sleep is different based on the animals. When animals rest the body refreshes for the active times to come. The majority of animals can be thought of as diurnal, nocturnal, cathemeral (being active during both day and night), crepuscular (active during twilight), and ultradian (active in cycles of a few hours). There are even more specific descriptors for the various sleep patterns of other animals. Ability to find resources, protection offered by social structures, and ability to socialize play a large part in how animals choos

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