Equality is a struggle to be seen, heard, and understood. Society is built on needs and those with the most say determine whose needs are met when, if at all. The time it takes for societies to see what is needed is not set in stone. Understandings and proximity to new standards of life give rise to the ability for people to be more vocal in demanding progress. Culture sets how we approach difference. For instance, the presence of LGBTQ members of society has been implicit in expanded communal and spiritual roles for generations. The terms being used for specificity are a product of the times. In cultures past focus was placed on the acceptance, natural occurrence, and deeper meaning around


Would you be 50 times smarter with a brain made of ants? Our mental muscles, as they are understood today, rely largely on the rapid interplay of specialized skills spread across different areas of the brain. Among the strongest insects, ants spread much of their thinking out across actions taken by specialized groups within the colony and bodily functions. For instance, rather than deep and specific memory ants use chemicals to trace the paths they have taken when exploring or searching for and retrieving food. We could imagine breaking down intelligence to reactions to specific chemical combinations but that would come together much differently than a mind made of active individual members


Let us think how we would name ephemeral groups and moments. We will use the language we know to found the conversation and process with a focus on groups of people. The initial application makes sense to be groups with public lists of names. Thus, we will use the lists of passengers on sunken ships. A general approach for this project and a list of passengers on the largest sunken ship is outlined here : http://bit.ly/opencrowdie . For what could you use a set of methods to name crowds or moments? What if you were told the name of the moments you entered, would the known type change your decision to stay in it or leave?


Crowded There is a flurry within when we find ourselves in crowds. Either by choice on dates set months ahead of time, in moments of urgency or mass rage, and even in daily transit we can be filled with a spread of emotions and thoughts. Bouncing around our minds and flowing across our felt bodies, we are left holding moments long after their initial arousal once solitude has found us again. When we view our lives it is often a focus on the activities we understand are being enjoyed or engaged in. Any number of people can join in activities in theory ranging from huge groups and crowds with tens of thousands of people to individual activities. When we view ourselves in these new masses some


Body Life happens in a body. Well defined and motive we draw breath to explore and move the world around us. We live within our vessels of flesh and bone. The world moves through and changes the components of our form yet all we are pressed to worry about is breathing, finding our next meals, handling hygiene, and resting. Everything seems to happen within the well set borders between the world and what we can move. Much is a mystery about childhood, the time we get to bumble and fumble to find our footing. The question of whether it would be harder to program a genius or a baby is fitting here too. How would a genius adapt were they given only the last year of knowledge to grow from? It wou


The seasons pass and ease us into custom. With no growth rings to show our minds hold all that we have gone through. When you brush against others in a crowd and wonder what you will have for lunch or if the train will be delayed again or whether your friend will return the hoodie they borrowed as it randomly started to hail none of the thoughts rushing through the mind center on the contacts we share in the hustle and bustle. The feelings we share in large numbers are lumped up and ignored as noise. Strange things happen at the extremes of existence. We see particles of similar size behaving differently, swarms moving differently based on leadership and weather, as well as social structures


Love is. Action and balance mix how we witness, exhibit, and show love. The length and form of the connections we have with others influences the complexity of the ways love moves through the relationship as well as how others perceive the connection. Classical societies recognize love by how it connects us with others. There are eight forms of human love that have been described and are based on how they move us as well as from where their influence comes. These include eros, philia, storge, and agape as the core four love types as well as ludus, mania, pragma, and philatia. Each is seen differently because of how they arise and the circumstances in which they take hold. We hear much about

Digital Joy

In the world today joy is often an afterthought. We are lucky if it comes into our minds as a focus at all. What kinds of futures make our hearts sing to press ahead into tomorrows unseen? When we can get everything with a pinch of preparation and a few taps of a screen do we savor the experience the same way? The month of love and black history is an especially fitting time to reflect on what is bringing hope and elation into our lives. Finding ways to disconnect from the things that empty us and find ways to engage with others in ways that leave all full. Share activities below that give you joy and fill you up in a world of quantities and change.

Dead Rule

Passing Advice In rest we work the most. We associate this only with the living. After passing away, however, often the role is not seen the same. The world of those beyond the living world is unknown. The nature and meaning of rest and death are different. The meaning of rest should be understood in context. During the active days that fill experience in life rest is preparation for exploration in the days to come. We make definitions based on how they affect those we contact daily. Rest in reference to death, or after passing, does not include that possibility, in the same way. Defined The world of the living is in constant motion. The energy we hold and move through is active. In rest we

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