Body Smart

Words have power. The ways we move through and shine in the world are dictated by what has been seen as valuable. Times past have known very specific sets of valuable motions as key. The days finding us now are showing an ever expanding number of options through which we are able to explore, connect, and shine. The importance of body intelligence is often diminished in an increasingly intellectually focused value chain. Being able to build systems is important but the connections in the mind made possible through play and athletic prowess will always remain crucial parts of a full experience in the world and reaching our potential. The genius of athletic peoples is in the same field as those


The body eats itself to survive. Only as a last resort but still the body has the capacity to breakdown and consume itself for energy. The internal process is called catabolysis and happens once all other resources within the body have been completely depleted. There are times when the body is low on energy and will use muscle or fat throughout the body for short term energy however those are stopgaps until the next meal is reached. The internal solution to take from an energy store that makes something else function well is self contained and immediate. The process is distributed across the body as well based on the areas that can bear it most. Bodies die of survival when no meal can be fou

Prescription Society

The age of the specialist has been here since the rise of tools. The wells of knowledge throughout societies dictate most of where our collective footprints. Where we grow is a reflection of where we have been able to explore. The wealth of knowledge throughout society today is spread and accessible much more broadly than at any known time before. When gaining a new skill a reference is needed to find the reigns. The time saved when referencing experts can be invaluable especially with the increasing complexity of topics required for the smooth running of the modern world. The deference of relying on experts is key when we encounter areas far beyond our personal breadth of knowledge yet ther


Tied Life is as complex as it is made to be. People, especially today, gravitate towards recording and engaging in the measurable forms of ability. The ideas we hold onto build on each other as we are able to draw close to those around us in their exploration or practice. The constancy of our time has allowed us to grow and focus on developing complex and abstract concepts as well as stitch them throughout our social infrastructure. We look throughout nature and see only existence, our station in the larger whole seeming an exception. We have been met with few if any other examples of such a disparate relationship. Be it in the natural world or abstract concepts, most concepts are shown cont

Social Work

Value drives reason. Much of the world today rises to chase the dollar. Our ability to earn dictates our abilities to survive and connect. We rise with the sun and work increasing numbers of hours daily largely to found our participation in society. The nature of work along with the ways in which people connect in the world today have been changing rapidly. No longer are we bond to the same work culture or social connection constraints across the board as we were even a few decades ago. The kinds of value created through connection are changing as well with the reasons and ways we connect shifting. An economy of social work is already brewing. The kind of social work people go to school for


Humans can have the longest hair of any animal. It does not grow everywhere at the same length but it is a cornerstone of expression for many. The way we treat and style hair can say volumes. Style is a largely human feature resulting from our developed image of self. A difference seen between other apes and humans is where hair grows and the terminal length it reaches. The images shown in media of cavemen depict people with similar form and gait as well as still being fully covered in hair. What would style be like were our prime patches of hair not atop our body? What would we be like with hair flowing from our present faces and wondering around by other means? Would clothes highlight bodi


Young artists have more than ever to draw from for their works. The saturation of options, however, makes it more challenging to separate the noise from the vision. When young people practice something it shapes how visions hold in works to come. There are increasing numbers of options that focus on bringing people together in shared creative spaces both for collaborative creation and fluid learning. The overlap of mentalities allows for fertilization of dormant concepts that need not be made explicit to be felt and seen in the works produced. Having a social revolution and generational tide refining the demands on how platforms connect underlines the changes taking place between generations


Seek pleasure, avoid pain. It is a simple datum that guides much of life. The ways this manifests throughout ecosystems is stark and profound yet simple and elegant. As we go through our journey all that is of import is how we connect the joys that touch us. Yet people have higher implicit demands today as members of an industrial community focused species. The pains that we feel are not confined to physical bodies but move through us within the moments and social barriers we contact. The pain and pleasure felt shapes the longing that finds us in puberty with many going through this growth multiple times at wildly varying times throughout life. The natural world is grounded in the immediate

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