Fur, claws, and paws. Fins, gills, and scales. The natural world is full of unique traits that help creatures move through and exist in the world. Natural life is constant. Running from moment to moment is not a custom in the jungles, plains, tundras, or dark dense depths of oceans scattered around the globe. The present is a time needing planning and thought, to handle with care, and to collect in service of greater goals. Each day is as drawing from an ever shuffling deck of cards as to which pieces we will get for fitting into our progress puzzle. The natural world is perfection in motion while the one through which we move is built on flaws. Continuous improvement requires shortcomings a


Finding calm in a fast paced world takes practice. There are so many things pulling us every which way and the tendency for many is to dig our heels into the sand. Often this leaves us pulled in pieces and unable to hold up all the directions calling us. Accounting for the time we want to put into each activity, managing the requirements for each proactively, and working find the areas that overlap and minimize the time and resource investment needed will help make time where only stress and scramble resided before. What the world calls us to do today is condense while also expanding what is being done within the same bounds. As a marshmallow in a chamber with the air getting pulled out we f


The path we trace through the universe feels as if only a moment. We rest in the present and hold our decisions on actions in what we can consider in mind. The hard problem of consciousness is a constant. What makes us view and move through the world as we do. The immediacy of the outcomes of our decisions here makes focus anywhere else seem a waste. If we only ever exist in one space that holds all importance over our wellbeing the others we might be aware of fade in the relative considerations worked through while making our decisions. What moves us is not definite. The path we trace through the world fills as but an outline of the journey we are meant to take. When we think of the world e


Language is a powerful tool. The lines of communication are fluid and only defined between those that need explicit rules to share specific intentions. The natural world is defined by actions dictating connection and paths forward. Animals in the wild demonstrate fitness through dance, learn through play, and talk through touch in moments of calm or tonal tantrums in those of duress. The communications visible to parties outside the bodies engaged in the physical discussion do not connect with the meaning behind the actions the same as those in them directly. The use of physical faculties is the limiting factor in a world of direct action and immediate need. In human society communication th

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