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The things we practice make us. When we whittle we share our sweat with matter and bring an image into view from our minds' depths. There are examples across cultures that reshape what is shared in larger contexts. Festivals, shows, performances, ceremonies, and all manner of gatherings for people to grow and share push us to greater expressive highs and pull us out of the creative isolation we often find surrounding creative groups. What separates the art we sweat with from the ones we think through is a broader area to explore. Dances and performances were once only held in the memories of those who bore witness to the sweat shed in expressing the emotions and moment at hand. Canvas and st


The sun is staying out longer, we have more frequent good weather, and the options for activities broadens. When we run around and get to stay active the beauty of the outdoors moves us in unique ways. Finding seasonal activities we enjoy can change how we approach the year round ones we indulge in more regularly. There are several things we can do to make the most of our warmest season. Try out some of these activities for young people below and those of all ages HERE.

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