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Jun 20, 2018

Disco Droning #PDP




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  • Here is a quick sketch example of how you can go about doing the #PDP project: Step 1. Think of a location. I decided on Australia for this drawing. Step 2. Search your location here: https://map.what3words.com/ Step 3. Get your location words from the side screen (this one was not somewhere specific, but probably in the middle of the larger location): Our words for this search are Earnestly.Reclining.Remark Step 4. Think of something that represents as many of those words as you can and try to express them in a drawing. A quick example video of the whole process is shown in the video below: https://youtu.be/SCAPU-_z6lY Image of Final Sketch: Step 5. Share your completed drawing on the main Creative Arts page if you want everyone to see it OR on the Drawing section for site members to see.