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This is our dynamic education platform, especially targeting youths from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our platform aims to tailor each students learning to their current academic level while accounting for roadblocks at home. Moreover, our platform can work in parallel with what teachers are assigning inside the classroom. Lastly, general users will be able to download the platform on their smart devices as a collection of applications.


LoveOS is a project to infuse feeling into the technology that moves our world. The systems that connect us shape and texture the ways we come together. The goal of this project is to create better context for deeper connection.


Zeal helps you find what you want to do and join others in doing it. See what is going on in your community and what you will enjoy participating in with others.


Degrees of Practice (D.O.P.) is our service for practicing and measuring the areas in which you want to build your skills.


Crowdie helps you see the moments you have shared. Connect the experiences you have enjoyed with those around you to see what emerges.

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