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Universal Encryption

Another View of Space

The way we view the world is normal to us. This seems obvious but the implications of this bias are broad. Let's say the world we know is actually different than the world as it actually exists. Perception however is reality. This is a powerful truth about the mind. It has in fact already been shown that our eyes invert the image that we see because of how our senses tell us we are moving through the world. Our brain adjusts how it perceives the world to best functionally match the way we move through it. There are many biases and sensory illusions we know of today that are mixed into how our world view adjusts and changes. How much the mind actually does is and will continue to be a deep mystery. It is not only because of how young the field is overall, but because of the constraints of the system we are working to explore.

Brains and minds are extremely plastic, the things this allows us to do are profound. There are stories of people reflecting the traits of the societies in which they are raised and later facing culture shock going back to their roots. Stories of Tarzan, or a man raised by wolves, or more generally of people brought into foreign cultures and made to adapt are within our social consciousness. The presence of these should allow us to step back and question norms and how we move through the world even more actively. As social beings we base much of our development on the responses of those around us. Our senses develop because they have feedback from which to draw. Imagine if Tarzan for instance had senses developed through immersion in the natural world that he thought normal and unnoteworthy that the people he came in contact with could not understand or had rendered unnecessary because of how they moved through the world as a society.

How would we know babies in the womb do not have sense that are only deemed useful in that phase of life but could change how we function as a society. This kind of speculation can be a slippery slope but the mental exercise of working to extend what is not only possible, but already there can help in shifting how we can view the world. An example could be other animals feeling the world differently, being connected to the rest of nature differently, or experiencing their thoughts and existence differently. Moreover, these differences could be based on social structures of the species passed through gestation periods, rearing patterns, past trauma in a lineage, and other familial determinants. What would it mean if the mutations seen within nature are not only because of the environmental pressures that select for a certain trait from an evolutionary perspective but are suggested by the environment based on the options available, experience present in the parents, and the distance of the mutation from the current genetic information?

This environmental design method would be something foundational to all the species that share this space. There was a calculation done on how many calculations per second it would take to represent our existence and the kind of computer that would be needed to make it happen. This was in an exploration of whether we were in a simulation or not and in the calculation it was also said that it would be for all of the time that we have existed so that the being running or experiencing the simulation could jump around through time. This kind of system would need a changelog for storing how things changed along different sections of the space as well as where those results took us.

Three Dimensional Encryption

There was a much discussed movie that explored how ideas might be implanted in a person's dreams purposefully by other people. There was a method shared by the people exploring dreams of having a totem for knowing where you are, be it your dream or reality or those of someone else. This can be thought of as a reality experiential key. The method of analyzing an object and its properties to check how you know it to function is like a three dimensional encryption method. Connecting what is known to what has changed. These kinds of methods are being explored already today. They were put forth and explored a decade and almost two decades ago and likely in theory even further back but are now becoming the next step in modern security.

Function of Entropy in a Slider Universe

We are going deeper and deeper into what is needed. The anxiety is justified when you lack certainty of what is validating your actions and existence. In a universe where you could be going back and forth through time what importance is permanence of experience? Would a different version be one where you could jump through the spacetime unbounded? Another option we might see explored is that entropy is actually a universal encryption method for re-entering a future state as it was known. Where do we go next if our world or universe is an encryption method for the progress made or experience had by a broad range of beings. The forms this could take are broad. All of the ages in which we currently exist are foundations upon which future and tenseless ages are built and explored. As we wrestle with our generation's cyber security issues we see new ways of viewing the space we have grown in together.

What will bring us to the next stage of growth in the years to come? What will become the universal cutting edge of security as we continue forward?

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