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Self Knowledge

We search within to act. The varied ways we base values and identity on our memories are actively being explored by professionals the world over. Marketing, self improvement, leisure, and conflict are constants in life today. Be it marketing self for jobs or products for work, productive use of leisure time for things like self improvement through reflection on habits and ways shown to get closer to reaching the goals selected as important, or the mental digestion after a conflict occurs unexpectedly in a single instance or drawn out over the duration of a more complicated relationship. How we connect the ideas about self to the history we create in the present is itself a mental juggling act. Many people play out possibly stressful situations to better prepare for possible paths the conversations or situations in general could follow. Presentations, for instance, go much more smoothly if they are rehearsed beforehand to better know the content being shared with an audience so material can be delivered with authority and questions fielded with confidence. Marketing generally is presentation. Compressed versions for the mass market such as magazine and television advertisements are all about getting the core of your service in front of the people most likely to harmonize with your message. On a higher more technology intensive level we have focused services from social media and technology service providers that can better tailor who sees your message based on the demographics known to connect with it best. Understanding the person receiving a service and the focus of the reception is self knowledge through custom glass, be it simple mirrors, binoculars, fun house reflections, microscopes, or throwing darts blindfolded.

In the past we connected directly out of necessity and had to suss out the specifics of relationships partly through common contacts but mainly through trial and adjustment during conversation. Structuring the relationship based on the expressed reservations and observations made in a mostly subconscious level. In conversation we learn about ourselves based on the reception of ideas explored with others. The emotions we resolve within and extend to future moments, from conversations that resemble minefields more than gardens to leisure activities that feel more caprice than selection, shape how we view our developing film strip of self.


Classical conflict is seen today as a focus on resources and their management. More interactive activities in the present world are increasingly resembling this oppositional relationship. The focus on the individual is a part of this trend because their is an increasing perception of the scarcity of time even with the increased productive ability shared by many through technological progress the threads that pull us every way to fill the new time found are multiples of what was saved. People take advantage of the novel advances and are better positioned to succeed on production based scales. The volume of physical conflict has gone down in the modern age has gone down by many reports but the field of dispute has sifted. The connected world has provided a new arena for people to strike and parry their neighbors in the much broader and layered online community. Cyber relations have prompted a extension of the ways people relate. The removal of body language ques for a section of social connection provided a space for new understandings and culture to brew. The rapid flow of ideas placed a premium on speed and their mass impact. In fact, this communication social standard expands with each generation as the purpose and methods most effective advance and distill what lingers both in regards the grounding traditions of the past and the connection goals of the present.


Demonstrating power becomes the key to nation's resolving conflicts. Power consolidates in the hands of a few because of the structures implemented for business purposes. Money drives nations to align vision for resources at stake based on a extensive laundry list of short and long term considerations. As technology continues to change our relationship with money other relational questions arise. The social contract has become a tug of peace between nations hoping to present themselves in the best and most beneficial way. Social credit scores, digital selves, and cyber resources have moved from pages of fiction to communities across the world. How we set the standard for connecting and resolving conflict is crucial to the continually digitizing world flowing through creative cores.


Time is the current focal resource in question. Identity is the testing ground for how resources are to be used. What method would allow the removal of the biases that predispose the selection of ideas and options based on prejudice and differences in access? The Vulcan mind meld can guide us on this question.

When we strip away our upbringing in stages and bring them back together we can see how we wrestle with ourselves on unseen layers. The pressure within makes us diamonds daily. No steam rises though, only distortions in our communicated selves. How can we use AI or technology to remove the roots of conflict and hold the reasons to grow? We lash out at one another because of pain, want, and need uncommunicated or subdued.

How do you test a premise regardless of nation, language, or grounding? A conflict of self to see where we would settle were we in the shoes of the person we are thinking against. Testing the direction of a decision through the memories that shaped a person's and a people's path in getting to that view. The application of component analysis methods and the reconstitution within an extended cyber field to show how actions would unfold across various cultural and resource starting points resonates with broader concepts of galactic equity with regards to conflict resolution or social validations. Maybe it could be dubbed a "community mind meld", "layered mind gathering", or "community onion". The action packed invasions we witness in modern stories would be more interconnected, layered, and extended. Tomorrows rarely look as we expected. Continuous changes in technology further vary where we can see the future taking society.

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