Happy New Year

The marks in time that we all agree on play a fundamental role in how we reference memories and moments. There are several calendars that use different star movements or key events in history as the basis for the times we can agree on. Seasons, for example, are important for farming and are included in Farmers' Almanacs. When to mark the present era can vary based on culture and context as well. The connection between memories and the social or standard marks in time is deep. A new year is often when many resolve to improve on the ways they fell short in times past. As we reflect on how we will continue to strive for growth we are able to view our past decisions in an educational rather than detrimental way.

Power of identity

The memories we hold on special days can shape us and affect how we move. Holidays, birthdays, seasonal shifts, anniversaries, and similar periodic events are references for the emotions we feel and thoughts we express in the moments that follow. Many recall feelings of joy or despair when remembering past birthdays and family events that stuck with them long after. When we reference something constantly we build stronger pathways in our minds to those feelings and those events become building points for other emotions we hold in times to come. Our senses all feed into these emotions as well. The reasons we feel a certain way based on our surroundings is a result of dormant or lingering memories from smells, visuals, spaces, or a range of other things also affecting us in those present moments. The self that we actively craft is the result of an untold many layers of past and unexplored experiences that our conscious and unconscious minds have deemed crucial.

Forward Growth

Knowing where we want to go is often based on the stress we have experienced or are seeking. Many do not want to be around stressful colleagues so they avoid past industries that caused unhappiness. Others are seeking a rush so they jump from planes, dive with no air tank, or climb cliffs with no safety gear. Whatever moves you in the new year we should ensure that we seek ways to build on who we have been in order to continue becoming who we can be.

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