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Energy makes the world turn. The past was entirely focused on finding enough in the environment to sustain family and self. The drive was all internal and the majesty of the world was reason for reverence. Everything held untold beauty bestowed for a higher purpose. Our environments shaped the foundations of our thoughts and cultures. Tools forged from utility allowed separation from what was unstated and collection of new understandings based on experienced truths and long held beliefs. The energy we capture and use today is the same in many ways as that which mystified us in times past.


What lit the world before humans learned to make fires is a valid question and useful to explore. The obvious answer that comes to mind is the sun, moon, and stars, heavenly bodies. Crawling across the sky distant and untouched. Lore and tradition formed around the actions and patterns of the bodies that guided and supported life from afar. Powers beyond calculation allowed simple standards to bloom and guide action. The tools grew more advanced with time but the mystery still lingers in many yet explorable ways. There are differences in cultures based on the reverence which formed them. Those in tundras held different views than those in grasslands because the constraints on them varied widely.

Deference rather than understanding was the foremost principle. We see minds of the past placing faith in greater understanding for various reasons. The power of tools to shape our environment created a crucible for separated cultural conceptions.

Modern Wonder

A world without the present understanding can offer a new view on what thoughts filled people and creatures witness to wild dancing flames. Scholars of the modern world deal with all manner of questions. Pierced deeply with method and peer review, questions can feel more approachable in the modern world than in times past where trust, deference, and reverence were in many cases the wisest options. Many today question the nature of energy in a different way than times past. Wonders about consciousness and the relationship to the energy we distill to drive our world today are inspiring new questions. Illustrations of fire breathing around us has been a source of awe and wonder for artists, philosophers, and leaders for ages. What would we feel if the wild flames that have been with us from our earliest memories were unthinking eyes, portals for more than inspiration. Heavenly ignitions precise placements rather than random or chaotic occurrences.

We continue questioning and constructing our world from what we experienced. The feelings based on experience alone can be confining. For instance, what we would feel if the flames that light our world have unspoken conversations with us as they drive our days would fundamentally change how we move. The reverence of times past is still with us but in ways that fit with our times. As we continue to grow and find inspiration all around us from ancient natural wonders let us continue to appreciate what has yet been explained. Hold the feelings of times past that brought us here close to guide us towards coming reasons for awe.

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