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Creativity - exposure

Creation draws on the known and translates through experience to share something from within. Starting with foundations of what has been seen, extending through the tried, and summed in practice creative potential grows with effort and exposure. Becoming more creative can be improved. The topics we expose ourselves to opens our minds to what is possible and extends the well of ideas from which we draw consciously and subconsciously for inspiration.

The modern connected world is centered on exposure and saturation of the mind. The purpose seen driving that exposure today is largely the needs of economies but much is included in those systemic drivers. Working as an individual to improve and expand our scope helps find a vision that can move between the groups and people with whom we collaborate.


The ability to know which resources to explore is difficult and the course most educational is often also winding and indirect. Exploring new content not directly related to what we presently care most about creating around extends our minds in unexpected ways. Of the many ways to improve creativity, an eclectic or broad and varied mental palate to draw from is among the most foundational. Working to find content in the opposite areas to what already excites us, for instance, gives a broader understanding of why we appreciate what we enjoy as well as a means of reflecting qualities to extend what is possible within that topic. In addition to oppositional breadth to an idea diving into the views shared within the specific field far back in time can show us the past steps taking in the growth of a field to see where individual work within the present culture can take it next. An interest in hip hop today, for instance, could be expanded in breadth through exploring modern rock and roll, jazz, country, or world music to see what is prevalent today and how other forms can influence the development of songs within the genre. Alternatively, or additionally, we can look back at the evolution of the artists, surrounding cultures, and genre influences over time to gain a deeper understanding of how similar trends would appear in times to come. Artists in the past were more vocal because of one reason but today focus on more production and visuals for another reason. The combination of both forms of exposure can extend creative potential considerably.

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