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Thought Rule

Thought Flow

Thoughts rule us. How we contact, interact, and hold them can be like conflict or flow but on some level we are all guided by thoughts. The shape of our interactions with others is distinct based on how we connect what we know inside with what is experienced as we move through the various environments. The work we do is individual within and consists of finding how we want to be seen and received. The tone and kind of speech we experience in mind is based on who we feel we are.

A question to wonder would be if the tone, flow, and focus of the conversation within were to change over time whether or not it would feel the same or the shifting would be perceptible. We identify our humanity with how we move through the world, the variation of our experience and interactions with others, and a bevy of fluid pieces fitting together as moments find each other and align with the identity to which we adhere.

Mental Motion

There is a constant struggle to know. The control we feel over directing our internal growth is realized through those with whom we interact. Yet there is little if any known control or power over the actions others have in our lives. As people act around us we decide how we will prepare and respond. The emotions that linger with us as we struggle to find the way we want others to receive us bounce between and among those around us. We are already ruled by our thoughts yet a governance form centered on this relationship has not been named. Partly because thoughts are not controlled by laws that anyone can pen or quickly enforce without the destruction of the most fundamental components of privacy used to curate an authentic self. This shuffle that is constantly occurring within us feels distinctly human as well. Such a high level of contact with our thoughts and what we know has given us a tether that grounds and governs our actions.

Reflected Actions

Wondering whether the thoughts we hold in mind as we move through the world are the ones that actually guide us is illuminating. A world governed by thoughts would give rise to powerful precepts. Certainty based on experience is how people and forms of intelligence, valued by society today, construct identity and social norms. We age our actions based on what we see about ourselves. Growing up is the process of bearing the weight of the world we know. The rejections and praise accumulate as identity. A society moved by thoughts made explicit would hold together much differently than the one needed given the experience we know today. Laws make explicit the outcomes that society has said are unacceptable. The untenable nature of thoughts founds a different type of experience.

Thoughts flow through and direct us all. In fact, thoughts could be conceived as a kind of sense along with sight, sound, balance, and touch. A government with this relationship made explicit and interacted with actively by larger infrastructures between beings would also shift the standards we know today. A tether of economic wealth to thought health would expand the kinds of communities people choose to maintain.

The jockeying seen in every peoples could be extended to help share why specific actions arise and lines deepen arbitrary divides. Expansion would be based both in what we see through our experienced world but also the thoughts we hold in mind. Conflicts could be explored and avoided. Understanding whether it is us who are fighting or our thoughts and the emotions they engendered bleeding over from recent and past experiences would change how we deal with them in the moments that make us boil over in duress. Being able to see the thoughts we hold in mind and feel reflected in the actions and emotions of others would allow us to confront what is often left unsaid or made unsayable.

Shaping Self

As thoughts flow and flood across borders untouched the ways we become too change. The ideals we deem of value vary based on the lived experience we know. The people we become changes with the mind we create for ourselves. Working to guide our minds is a topic of many self help publications and helps connect with thoughts of those that are able to surround themselves and engage in conversation with those able to live as we aspire to exist. Circumstance limits what we are able to actualize. Finding the people and spaces that help us connect with the thoughts we aspire to hold is a form of personal governance that can connect us all.

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