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The seasons pass and ease us into custom. With no growth rings to show our minds hold all that we have gone through. When you brush against others in a crowd and wonder what you will have for lunch or if the train will be delayed again or whether your friend will return the hoodie they borrowed as it randomly started to hail none of the thoughts rushing through the mind center on the contacts we share in the hustle and bustle. The feelings we share in large numbers are lumped up and ignored as noise. Strange things happen at the extremes of existence. We see particles of similar size behaving differently, swarms moving differently based on leadership and weather, as well as social structures holding or collapsing based on paternity. These are all within one group and little difference can be seen by those outside the species. A mountain of meaning could be packed into those brief moments for those within the group. On the move through crowds getting bumped and jousled might be annoying but how might it speak to emergence within our society to which we are not party. So much is made explicit today. Yet the feelings we share explicitly are often only the parts we can boil or whittle down to phrases we can express. When we share and connect in large numbers the system that arise are not always so explicit. What would be the emotions of a crowd? How would a crowded train car express love? What can our interactions in passing say about our social well-being and expression on a larger scale?

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