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Seek pleasure, avoid pain. It is a simple datum that guides much of life. The ways this manifests throughout ecosystems is stark and profound yet simple and elegant. As we go through our journey all that is of import is how we connect the joys that touch us. Yet people have higher implicit demands today as members of an industrial community focused species. The pains that we feel are not confined to physical bodies but move through us within the moments and social barriers we contact. The pain and pleasure felt shapes the longing that finds us in puberty with many going through this growth multiple times at wildly varying times throughout life.

The natural world is grounded in the immediate reactions. Given minimal communal or individual infrastructure, pleasure and pain are grounded in the experiences of the body rather than long term social interactions. The higher weight on physical activities arises from the immediate nature of the reward or repercussion of these interactions. With expression of less traditional sexual or general social orientations we witness people being guided by the infrastructures within the societies they are exposed. When we extend this and think about it on a global level a question of cultural influence and openness in accepting nontraditional orientations might be thought to highlight the flexibility of power structures within said society. This would have many to think that orientation forms around what we are working to align ourselves with over the long term. However, within industrialized nations, the average survey on the matter places populations of nonheterosexual peoples around the same percentage, about 5 to 10 percent. along with exhibiting if there is a focus on individual or group expression. In the US, the percentage is about 12 percent. What does this say about the focus on acceptance or representation in creating space for expression?

The conversation of expression and acceptance is deep and active. The question to explore today is what representation of the built forms could look like in times to come. We have devices focused on pushing our abilities to express, become, and experience. Pleasure and pain have been broken up and are used in tandem to expand the range of emotions that can be wrapped up into an experience. The comfort offered in social settings makes for a different range of needs. With sex work the questions too are broad and require similarly extensive thought. Pleasure and pain systems that are made can express and contain of all of the different forms that move the beings that are the focus of their efforts. We are all bound by laws of nature. With Pleasure and Pain and Power bots, or Pbots, we can see a expressible attraction to different forms of reaching a specific excitation goal. How will representation evolve for systems that can construct an internal life separate from the forces of the systems within which they work? How many years before neons and alloys are added to the rainbow? What will equity for such systems like in the moments, years, and millennia to come?

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