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Young artists have more than ever to draw from for their works. The saturation of options, however, makes it more challenging to separate the noise from the vision. When young people practice something it shapes how visions hold in works to come. There are increasing numbers of options that focus on bringing people together in shared creative spaces both for collaborative creation and fluid learning. The overlap of mentalities allows for fertilization of dormant concepts that need not be made explicit to be felt and seen in the works produced. Having a social revolution and generational tide refining the demands on how platforms connect underlines the changes taking place between generations.

Young people are as busy as ever but the ability to share and connect through work done is at an all-time high. The removal or reduction of the importance of individual channels traditionally crucial reaching people has allowed organic and more distributed contact with music, video, and more tactile art as well. The difficulty of navigating is present but the focus on connecting with those in the local community can aid in finding others to sharpen the vision and style being explored. Many can find themselves discouraged after slow or inconsistent progress on areas of exploration. As youth or others you know explore expressive forms online or in person it is a deep and long lasting help to join in. Share Cadet with them along with other resources that come to mind for helping the creative expression and growth. Offering constructive criticism or a more general exchange of inspiration and ideas will accelerate the growth and exposure for all in practice.

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