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Life is as complex as it is made to be. People, especially today, gravitate towards recording and engaging in the measurable forms of ability. The ideas we hold onto build on each other as we are able to draw close to those around us in their exploration or practice. The constancy of our time has allowed us to grow and focus on developing complex and abstract concepts as well as stitch them throughout our social infrastructure. We look throughout nature and see only existence, our station in the larger whole seeming an exception. We have been met with few if any other examples of such a disparate relationship. Be it in the natural world or abstract concepts, most concepts are shown continuous but have multiple points of arrival to an answer. We can expand our consideration of intellect around us beyond what is witnessed or built on, furthering the abstract we find not fitting but possible.


What would our society look like if everything we took as given from a deep ancestral tapestry was not as we had assumed? The animal world is changing at an accelerated pace with humanity's outsized impact on the natural world. Overbearing power, territorial natures, and traits similar to the ones we've witnessed and honed fill wanderers with caution when society thinks of a foreign intelligence from a different ancestral line and origin. What would the world prove itself to look like were we actually the least capable among our spacial peers moving unaided through the wilds we have built through, around, and over? The power to change those we witness and take matters into our own hands with tools is a shift we brought into the ecosystem and have continued to hone since. What we pull from the abstract and bring into the lived world changes how life around continues forward. How our perceptions of progress would shift were it found through some lucky accident capacity is not what is witnessed across generations but that which is known within.

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