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The age of the specialist has been here since the rise of tools. The wells of knowledge throughout societies dictate most of where our collective footprints. Where we grow is a reflection of where we have been able to explore. The wealth of knowledge throughout society today is spread and accessible much more broadly than at any known time before. When gaining a new skill a reference is needed to find the reigns. The time saved when referencing experts can be invaluable especially with the increasing complexity of topics required for the smooth running of the modern world.

The deference of relying on experts is key when we encounter areas far beyond our personal breadth of knowledge yet there are exceptions to the trend. The ability connect with multiple sources for reference and comparison expands the solution discovery process. The views held by domain experts, the time of day of a request, length of relationship, and a range of circumstantial factors can influence the recommendation given.

The importance to explore a topic to be conversational is more crucial by the day. Moreover, the reasons not to explore topics that hold weight over our health or wellbeing fade with rising levels of access. Medical recommendations and life sciences progress too stand out as a key area of modern focus and of importance for building personal fluency. America is one of the most medicated nations in the world. Much of the developed world works through similar levels of availability of high potency chemicals yet the dependence across systems varies.

The wealth of a nation is tied to the health of its people. The dependence on substances might seem like a short term boundary or adjustment to a new normal for society but deeper reflection and inspection is needed. What we create within is intimately tied to what we bring about in the world around us. The tools we have relished in the times before industrial production were largely external, natural, and hand crafted.

Today mass production has a different set of needs and drivers. What moves millions daily has a different set of motives than that driving a sole artisan. Tools made to function within a user fill their roles, the peoples they serve, and the needs that brought them about much differently than those built for individuals by individuals.

Clear minds and conversational levels of knowledge in crucial areas stay priceless as creative ability and focus on individual capacity becomes the crucial ingredient across a society of specialists. What is catalyzed within by the tools designed to be accepted into the body. The trials of today can not account for the knowledge of tomorrow better than the shortcomings seen through hindsight's lens, long after decisions make their mark. It is crucial to underline the importance of experiences and flavors of the world in jumpstarting unseen ways of thinking. Dig into knowledge of self and how external forces move you to find where the solutions guided by internal focus, persistence, ability, and practice reside.

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