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The path we trace through the universe feels as if only a moment. We rest in the present and hold our decisions on actions in what we can consider in mind. The hard problem of consciousness is a constant. What makes us view and move through the world as we do. The immediacy of the outcomes of our decisions here makes focus anywhere else seem a waste. If we only ever exist in one space that holds all importance over our wellbeing the others we might be aware of fade in the relative considerations worked through while making our decisions.

What moves us is not definite. The path we trace through the world fills as but an outline of the journey we are meant to take. When we think of the world everything holds a definite boarder because that is what we can see, hold, move, and shape. The thoughts today around consciousness are similarly definite. We view the world and our place in it from the scope that we know and reference most frequently. Yet when we take a step back the ideas we see built into nature point to additional possibilities that can expand our views.

The world might just center on the perspective we hold as individuals. Our paths through time and space tracing our stories and selves. Perceptions of self would shift to match were the fullness of our existance equated to the sum of our consciousness. The older we get the more present we can feel. All the moments held from the past and the thoughts gone through in each become layers on our present conscious self.

Our paths through the world are growing more complicated as the ways we connect over space and the time frames within which those connections are possible are changing in complex and yet seen ways. Being able to view strangers through portals of clear stationary sand and refined rock with cells that can hold sunlight to shine information from the other side of the planet changes how we approach not only distance but also fundamental connection and fulfillment.

The role of bodies in journies and storytelling changes when you can cross the world in seconds to connect with anyone and the moment being actualized is held in physical memory only in the light touching us in that moment and our movements throughout. We can wonder if the reduced individual energy investment takes away from the salience or impact on growth to be seen or see it as an expansion of what is possible to achieve in our work to connect.

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