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Language is a powerful tool. The lines of communication are fluid and only defined between those that need explicit rules to share specific intentions. The natural world is defined by actions dictating connection and paths forward. Animals in the wild demonstrate fitness through dance, learn through play, and talk through touch in moments of calm or tonal tantrums in those of duress. The communications visible to parties outside the bodies engaged in the physical discussion do not connect with the meaning behind the actions the same as those in them directly.

The use of physical faculties is the limiting factor in a world of direct action and immediate need. In human society communication through constructs is how plans and infrastructure are made possible. The levels of nuance possible to be made explicit is fine tuned in the ever evolving nature of language as a result of this need. Worlds change rapidly by the nature of how systems interact. Systems act on their members in nature and the form being acted on changes internally and adjusts its operation to best ensuring it can remain in the space across generations. The advent of language has allowed members of systems to act back, changing their environments through the reshaping of the natural world. The arrival of tools paved minds for language.

More is in the advent of language than our present use would imply alone. Today we speak with one another directly and with the intention of conveying meaning. Young people are brought into the world with no language that is shared between their parents and themselves. The time in the womb is the start of formative years spent as a sponge, soaking up everything the senses contact. In fact, babies come out of the womb with the tonal imprints of their parents.

Woman hearing for the first time ; from

A world of constructs is more recognizably defined in its fluidity than that seen in nature or so it would appear to any viewing it from the lens learned through childhood. Our built world and guided society still act on all members but the controls possible to act back vary based on a extensive range of characteristics within the developmental control of the members in question. Being born with different abilities than those around you creates a palpable bridge to cross in each new relationship built in society. The negation of a sense others hold reshapes how you learn to interact with the world and fundamentally changes how the brain processes what is most important. The loss of a sense later in life does something similar but the salience of the lessons learned with the world view before stay with the person as they form an expanded view.

Many see those with the lack of a sense through the default learned lens of the majority. The differences in understanding are similar to the understandings held by those outside actions among bodies in the wild, it is an imposing of worlds given the shared laws common between the motions witnessed. The detail possible with language is a learned senses all its own. The bridges we cross in our journey through society varies based on contacts seen and context. The evolution of languages felt or moved through follow a different course than those spoken and they all meet in the courses charted in the mind.

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