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Finding calm in a fast paced world takes practice. There are so many things pulling us every which way and the tendency for many is to dig our heels into the sand. Often this leaves us pulled in pieces and unable to hold up all the directions calling us. Accounting for the time we want to put into each activity, managing the requirements for each proactively, and working find the areas that overlap and minimize the time and resource investment needed will help make time where only stress and scramble resided before. What the world calls us to do today is condense while also expanding what is being done within the same bounds. As a marshmallow in a chamber with the air getting pulled out we find the walls closing in on us but we are actually rushing out to meet them. This might not be the best way to think about it since marshmallows do not really need to breath and when the air is taken out of a room anyone or anything else is in we mainly just stop. Still finding ways to be the marshmallow in the vacuum rushing to meet the walls unseen is a direct way to take an active approach as the world shifts underneath. Active approaches and finding ways to reflect on the path being under taken are key to reducing stress in a world speeding up by the day.

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