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Fur, claws, and paws. Fins, gills, and scales. The natural world is full of unique traits that help creatures move through and exist in the world. Natural life is constant. Running from moment to moment is not a custom in the jungles, plains, tundras, or dark dense depths of oceans scattered around the globe. The present is a time needing planning and thought, to handle with care, and to collect in service of greater goals. Each day is as drawing from an ever shuffling deck of cards as to which pieces we will get for fitting into our progress puzzle.

The natural world is perfection in motion while the one through which we move is built on flaws. Continuous improvement requires shortcomings and points that can be witnessed as possible to improve. The gift of deficiency can feel a short straw in the draw of life yet the adjustments demanded us give perspective unseen by others. The unending growth can feel a stress when witnessed. Over eons the pace and demands of progress can be a burden but generations adjust independent of each other. Our shortcomings today lay the shoddy floor successive generations make the tools to fix, an ever swaying jenga tower constantly being rebuilt. The future is incomprehensible in disparate between what we expect and what could be. Finding balance and sating our need for expansion is a social innovation that would fundamentally change the type of progress to be seen. All innovation thus far has focused on expanding the borders, demands, abilities, and general breadth of our society. What innovation is possible in the mental balance achieved within and between generations? The history we have built upon offers a deep and vibrant backdrop against which to continue weaving the social tapestry we live daily.

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