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The creative process is often a roller coaster. On the largest scales of community cultures, lineages, and individual careers as well as the individual expressive acts that pull together to demonstrate skill and practice. We find reason throughout circumstance that motivate expression yet it is like a teapot snug above a volcano, the pressure is constant it is mainly the means to release and contents with which to draw upon that vary. When flush with creative energies many find it most difficult to start. The reasons stated as to why vary. The medium to be filled with a creative vision becomes an intersection of all the influences that brewed together across skill in practice both witnessed and demonstrated.

The conscious creative process can be onerous and length. Many note feeling blocked in at the creative crossroads at some uncertain point in the path to expression. Influences rushing about all around make it difficult to consider all parts of the influence of a work. The lived canvas of cities can demonstrate more concretely the process that often needs to take place within. Buildings are often built upon or around throughout generations. After some point however the structures find a new way to contribute to the vibrance of cityscape. Creativity can be like a ship which we navigate daily. Gathering treasures throughout adventures and investing them all into the vessel to sail further and faster toward fulfilled futures. The process of building upon the influences of the past is a continuous one that moves alongside culture. Creative destruction can disrupt the natural approach yet the engagement with the questions that surround it are part and parcel of novel expression.

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