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The Need to Create is in all of us. Be it in music, dance, drawing, painting, sculpting, cooking, writing, scientific exploration, motive designs, or social advocacy the need manifests itself in everyone. Every note, step, stroke, composition, fact, device, and conjecture we make adds to our fulfillment as individuals.


We develop products and services that increase exposure and understanding of cutting edge technologies as well as the technical skills and creative potential of ambitious individuals. Regardless of circumstance everyone should be given an equal opportunity to explore their creative potential. We strive to drive social growth through the exposure, development, and support of creative potential.


Romaine Waite



Romaine loves community service and brainstorming solutions. In elementary school Romaine aspired to be an inventor, an engineer. It was around that time he unearthed his passion for service through work in Young Heroes and City Heroes, programs run by City Year. He went on to earn a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his time in college he developed his understanding of the problems affecting underserved communities as well as the technologies and approaches most effective for addressing them. He has honed his skills in mechatronics, fabrication, programming, rapid prototyping, and product design to help better address these problems. In his spare time Romaine enjoys exercising, watching movies, reading, and thinking about the future. In the years to come Romaine hopes to strengthen communities and push creative thresholds.


What does Nananke mean?

Nananke means the need to create. It is the combination of the names of two goddesses from different cultures. Nana Buluku is the female Supreme being in the West African culture and tradition. Ananke is the personification of necessity, compulsion, destiny, and fate in Greek mythology. These two names together mean the merger of cultures to serve the universal need to create.

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