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Dead Rule

Passing Advice

In rest we work the most. We associate this only with the living. After passing away, however, often the role is not seen the same. The world of those beyond the living world is unknown. The nature and meaning of rest and death are different. The meaning of rest should be understood in context. During the active days that fill experience in life rest is preparation for exploration in the days to come. We make definitions based on how they affect those we contact daily. Rest in reference to death, or after passing, does not include that possibility, in the same way.


The world of the living is in constant motion. The energy we hold and move through is active. In rest we connect experience on levels we can dismiss during our wakeful moments. What guides the resting? How do those in rest connect? Do we interact in the same way during rest while alive as after passing? The guidance the dead could give would not be on matters pondered and designed during the active day. The layers within we connect lay the roads we follow as we move consciously through the world. Prickled or elated rest pulls together the moments that guide us. For now, we will envision a constant space in which energy flows between us all resting worlds.

Holding Together

Those passed need not hold energy that moves the living. The ability to aid in knowing how to connect and coexist is filled by showing what happens as actions change. We have touched on the waking world resolving layers of possible outcomes. The dead could become as waypoints for those in the living world working to find their way and next steps. In a many worlds conception of the universe death would be a time of passing active energy from one place to a next, from one frame of being to another. The nature of time for energy too is not as we know it. Matter ages in our experience. The ability of energy to hold form means that the kind of guidance seen would allow the dead to hold the fabric of the past and present together while stitching it into that of the future to come.

Guidance Differences

Governance would be a matter of the bed in the case the waking world joins the deceased in the same spaces during rest. Our subconscious would hold the knowledge needed to move from moment to moment in the untold number of ways needed to best aid our expansion or condensation in line with our development and self actualization. The living hold and act on what is felt, seen, heard, known, and remembered, but all life passes. The amount of space connecting the life gone is vast and foundational to how we move through the world in the present. Were the dead to actively guide is we would deal with a totally different set of questions.

For instance, were the dead the collection of experiences and approaches to being had then problems could be solved through referencing the approaches of the dead to life. We do this through study today. To be a professional we practice skills done well by those who came before. Going to school, getting apprenticeships, and learning through reference and practice to try our hand at the work we hope to do is how we build expertise. The dead would connect and share their ability through the thoughts, experience, and approaches held during life. A collection of lived moments and the situations known would allow for extensions to future truths that could not be known before. The changes in culture could be accounted for as components or models but would need to be experienced in the same form of energy. Think of a space filled with beings existing and connecting to guide those consciously moving in problems unknown but occurring in the same kinds of energy and space. Problems are solved by the selections occurring beyond present moments and the resting as we know them today do guide us in finding the steps we need to take and some day could guide us actively in the world with which we are familiar.

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